March 25, 2022

How Trauma Impacts Our Brain - Ep. 92

How Trauma Impacts Our Brain  - Ep. 92

What I wish I knew when I left my toxic relationship

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How Trauma Impacts Our Brain - Ep. 92

In this episode, I share some surprising and not so surprising findings related to trauma and its impact on our brain. Living through a traumatic situation can severely impact your memory, your cognition, your emotions, your ability to self-regulate, all of those things. 


I found a video about the neurobiological impact of trauma on the brain, and it was eye-opening for me. I knew we could have PTSD and trauma-related physical manifestations, such as auto-immune disorders. But, this video spelled out genuine damage to our brains, creating significant challenges as we attempt to heal and recover from abuse and trauma.


And if we're not aware of this, it becomes easy to fall into self-blame, shame, major disappointment, and a negative spiral that prevents healing and progress in life. It can also create more isolation and alienation--the exact opposite of what will help us heal. 


As much as we may be stuck in a loop of distrust, shame, bitterness, depression, anxiety, we need supportive humans in our life. We just do.


So, I'm reaching out to set up my first block of one-on-one calls with you.


I want to connect and see how I can best help you with content, support, and validate the course I'm finishing up to see what's missing.


Whether you can connect by phone or online with your thoughts about leaving, trying to exit, or starting over, I can add you to the beta list for the Exit - Survive to Thrive course special.


Ready to connect on a quick call? The first date block is Tuesday, 3/29/22


If you miss the time above, you can still leave comments on the form below.


Here's the form for feedback about your struggle for anyone who wants to share. I'm gathering your input for the course I'm creating.



Resources mentioned in this episode.


Here's the full video on the Neurobiological Impact of Trauma on the Brain from Doc Snipes for local grants and funding resources


Thanks for listening! Lots of Love!


Love, Steph xoxo