March 1, 2021

Mental Health in Isolation - The Impact on kids & family

Mental Health in Isolation - The Impact on kids & family

Exploring ways we can use ICBT as self help

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Mental Health in Isolation and the impact on kids and family

Parenting during the pandemic has been a challenge far beyond mask-wearing, sanitizing, or concern over COVID-19. Being in lockdown and isolated with schools mostly shut down or running at half the usual staff and kids has shifted our worlds completely. Women left the workforce in droves, 2.3 Million of us: an all-time low, the lowest since 1988.


"Children involved in the research cited family tensions and financial concerns as well as feeling isolated from friends and fear about the virus for causing their distress." BBC News


Parents are struggling with tight finances, high stress, and a bunch of moody kids who haven't been able to socialize, move around on their own, play sports, or any activities that gave them joy.

Add to the long days stuck in front of a computer expected to do work and hang out on zoom, and you've got a recipe for a significant mental health issue. 


According to, 50% of parents worry that their child is struggling, but they don't know what to do. And 32% feel their child is unhappy.


On top of this is the parental mental health impacting the way families are managing children's issues. According to Harvard Business Review, nearly 42% of employees report a decline in mental health since the pandemic began. So of those parents still working, nearly half say their mental health is slipping.


Pandemic has made abuse 'invisible'

For some children, the pandemic has had dire consequences with the numbers being harmed and abused on the rise.

Between April and September, there were 285 reports by councils of child deaths and incidents of serious harm, which includes child sexual exploitation. This was a rise of more than a quarter in the same period the year before.


He believes this is misguided and instead growing up in a world where even "playing with your friends is illegal" threatens to cause long-lasting damage to many. "I don't think it is an exaggeration to say children and their families have been abandoned." [The BBC:]


What can we do to help ourselves and our kids?


Here are a few resources to get you started.

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Love, Steph xoxo