Sept. 28, 2021

Gabby Petito's Obvious Abuse Signs Missed - Ep 86

Abuse Identification Training could have saved her life

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Gabby Petito's Abuse Signs Missed - Abuse Identification Training could have saved her life

Gabby Petito's Obvious Abuse signs were missed. In this video, I share the classic signs of emotional abuse and control associated with narcissistic abuse and all the "professionals" who identified Brian as the victim and dismissed the signs that many of us viewing the police bodycam video saw as obvious classic signs. All of this points to the need for more Abuse Identification Training which could have saved her life.

If you know someone in one of these abusive and controlling relationships, or if you see yourself in Gabby's story, please reach out to the Domestic Violence hotline. You can do so anonymously.

They can listen, offer support, and help you understand the cycle of abuse and how to get help or get out. or 1-800-THE-HOTLINE

If you want to support Gabby's family and their new foundation to help parents find their missing children, see

Please take care of yourself and remember that it's positive to ask for the help of someone you trust. xoxo!!!


Love, Steph xoxo