June 18, 2021

Embrace the Grey Rock Method Ep. 81

Embrace the Grey Rock Method  Ep. 81

Don't Take the Bait

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Embrace the Grey Rock Method. Don't take the bait

I think you probably may know or have heard of the Grey Rock method by now. If so, it's worth listening as I share one character you can channel if you're not quite sure what Grey Rock looks like in practice.

Mainly, it's about holding your power. Staying grounded, calm, neutral, and I think immovable or unimpressed and non-reactive.

One thought to keep in mind is simply this, do NOT take the bait!

The idea is that the toxic and unreasonable person you're dealing with enjoys getting a rise out of you. So don't give energy or reaction to elicit more from them.

Keep conversations short, only share what they "need to know." Don't give any extra information and remain unemotional in your communication. Be intentionally dull.

Here's a longer article from Medical News Today. 


Dr. Ramani's YouTube channel - Narcissist Expert

Do you use Grey Rock? Does it work for you?

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