Aug. 20, 2021

Leaving the hidden abuse of toxic relationships

Learning to heal and help others

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Leaving the hidden abuse of toxic relationships

I interviewed Katrina Lillian Sorrentino. She shares her story of being sucked into an emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship with a man who may be a narcissist, sociopath, or something else. She's not sure, but he was toxic, deceptive, abusive, and controlling.

Her relationship trauma was so intense and extreme that she created a documentary about the experience and is now building an intentional community to support others involved in hidden abuse, the psychological impact, and ways to heal and get help.

Mentioned in this episode

  • Opening up to life after divorce
  • Disney princess syndrome warps what's acceptable
  • Being Vulnerable and in transition and how you can be targeted
  • Confusion and bliss intermixed with boundary crossing, psychological abuse, and trauma bonding creates a toxic cocktail of addiction to the person and the situation
  • Connecting with people online who dated or were also targeted by her ex
  • Being aware online and understanding that hashtags and abuse accounts can have predators
  • Her documentary as therapy to connect with others and heal
  • How she's using this experience moving forward in stories for TV/Film and as an activist
  • The fear that held her back from asking questions that would've blown all of it wide open
  • Her best friend's findings and how that led to her leaving
  • Why she went back
  • How her criteria for "romantic" has changed dramatically
  • How she's healing and dating now


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Love, Steph xoxo