Sept. 12, 2021

Why Calming Our Nervous System is Essential to Thrive

Why Calming Our Nervous System is Essential to Thrive

Thoughts from the last episode on Leaving Toxic Relationships

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Why Calming our nervous system is essential to thrive
After my interview with Katrina Sorrentino about leaving a toxic relationship much of what she said struck a cord. One thing that stood out was the need to calm our nervous systems. It's essential and it coincided with multiple lessons and content about this from Somatic Therapists who help heal trauma.

In this short episode, I'm sharing my thoughts before we move on to the next interview about leaving abuse with Kate Heaton. I'm doing this intentionally because attention to our nervous system and a sense of "safety" is what we need to feel okay to explore leaving or even listening to others' stories.

To understand more about this concept I've collected a few podcasts and videos below.

Here's a related episode I recorded for Audacious Mamas

After recording my episode above, I listened to an interview with Emily Fletcher, meditation expert, and she hits all the points and more. Mainly that you cannot expect to jump from anxiety, overwhelm, and depression to meditation. There's an in-between state of calming your system that's essential.

Somatic Therapy - what it is 

How Stored Trauma Creates Somatic Symptoms

Love, Steph xoxo