May 22, 2022

If you’re looking for ways to manage triggers, listen to this Ep 96

If you’re looking for ways to manage triggers, listen to this Ep 96

With Stacy Every - Trauma and Calming Techniques



Got Trauma triggers? Listen to this. The Audacious Life

Many of us are busy watching or actively avoiding the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial. It's triggering, and I've felt it myself. I've had to walk away many days because it's too much.

As I've mentioned, I have another interview coming up with Stephanie Pianades, that's important an important case for parents related to custody and flipping the script. I know it will be triggering. As a parent of young daughters, I had a tough time making it through the interview.

So I wanted to have an expert to help us all manage triggers related to past trauma before her episode airs.

Stacy Every is a certified EFT practitioner and coach who has experience treating abuse and trauma. She gets it. In this episode, she gives us numerous quick tips and tools to follow up on and explore more deeply to help with trauma, triggers, and finding ways to get grounded and rebalance back into our bodies.

This episode will be up on my youTube channel if you want to see how tapping works. Stacy demonstrates tapping using the meridians of our body, and it's a little tough to explain via audio-only.

I'll link the video here as soon as it's live on YouTube.

NOTE: If anything I post or share is triggering to you, please step away. Follow Stacy's ideas for getting grounded and decide whether you should avoid it altogether or come back later when you feel well, grounded, and strong.

I care about you and totally appreciate you being here, but also only want what's 100% right for you. xoxo

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