Overcoming Abusive Overcoming Coercive Programming - Breaking Through A Caged Mindset Overcoming Coercive Programming - Breaking Through A Caged Mindset Overcoming Coercive Programming - Breaking Through A Caged Mindset Coercive Control James Cleary Ed Mylett 1% Mindset Shift

Overcoming Coercive & Abusive Programming - Breaking through a Caged Mindset - Ep 103

Hello, this week I'm talking about the mental cage we have in our minds. It's that thing that stops us from being our best selves, our true selves, from honoring the voice that was once there and was slowly eroded by the programming of toxic...

Self Care Connecting With Kids Creativity Resilience Mompreneur Gift Ideas

Connecting with Kids at Mealtime and Beyond - Building Connection to Self and Open Communication

It's Thanksgiving, and I'm sending a big thanks to all who are listening and sending love and appreciation to you. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  Today I have Jessica Perkins, Toy Maker, Parent Coach, and homeschooling mom of three. I...

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How to Make $100 an Hour or More with No Skills or Training!

This one is for all who are looking for extra cash right now. You can quickly earn $100 an hour and more with User Interviews and get paid with rapid turnaround. Maybe you don't have time to get a part-time job or a side hustle going. Everybody is...

Starting over - where I've been. What happened?

I've missed you! I love podcasting. I love creating content. And I so love being able to help people and earn a living. These past two months have been rough, and I don't want to sugarcoat what my kids and I have been through. I definitely wouldn't...

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Play Along - Make This the Best Year of Your Life. Round 2 Ep.99

Here's Game #2 to Make this the Best Year of Your Life! Play along each round and report back how it went. Last round was about making powerful requests of any size aka practicing asking for what we want. Score points for this and track them. Each...

Toxic Relationships Social Commentary Johnny Depp V. Amber Heard

Responding to comments about Johnny v. Amber and Lundy

I recorded this video in June and sat on it. It's one of many I recorded in response to my channel's Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial and comments. I recorded another response last week, but this original is more natural, so I decided to let it flow...

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Staying in the Light Through Dark Times and Creating Purpose - Best Year of Your Life Game

There's no question that these are dark times. I accept that. Heaps of doom and gloom are being served to us, and it's nearly impossible to dodge. Important news and events impact our lives and the lives of fellow humans. But dwelling in the darkness...

Parental Alienation Family Court Abuse DARVO Post-separation Abuse

Family Court Abuse and Parental Alienation - Stephanie Pianades Story Ep 96

Stephanie Pianades went into Massachusetts family court looking for help. That was it. One little thing. She went in looking for one help with one little thing, and it snowballed into a monumental challenge that altered her life and the life of her...

Self Care Mother's Day Loss

Mother's Day - Honoring Moms through loss - celebrating YOU! Ep. 95

Mother's Day - Honoring Moms through loss - celebrating YOU! Man, it has been a crazy wild last two years, and I was thinking about this episode and how to honor moms and all that moms have been through because I think of all that people have...

Family Court, Post Separation Abuse, One Mom's Battle, Lundy Bancroft PLN Post Separation Abuse Family Courts One Mom's Battle Lundy Bancroft PLN

Post Separation Abuse & Family Courts

Lundy Bancroft update and One Mom's Battle Mission to Identify Post Separation Abuse within the Family court system

Emotional Healing Trauma Connection To Other Trauma Connection To Others Lundy Bancroft Abuse Peak Living Network

Healing Trauma Through Connecting With Others

If you've been feeling disconnected, stuck, or paralyzed, sensing a deep yearning for something more, it may be a desire to find safe people to be with in real life. People who are accepting won't judge you for opening up and sharing what you're going...

Self Care Mental Health Somatic Therapy Safety

Why Calming Our Nervous System is Essential to Thrive

Thoughts from the last episode on Leaving Toxic Relationships

Hope and Fuel for Your Soul in Toxic Situations

Pouring positive ideas into your mind to shift and heal