Season 3

Power of Forgiveness - Releasing Dark Energy to Heal

Releasing negative thoughts, anger, and bitterness to heal faster

Indepedence and Liberation from Who and What Doesn't Support You

Creating intentional SPACE to heal and welcome more supportive relationships

Partner in Wellness to be Your Best You with Amy Goober

A supportive way to lose weight and be happy

What is Courage vs. Bravery with Donna Sagar Cowan

As she shares in this episode, Donna has made her way out the other side of multiple abusive relationships always with more resilience, a fresh perspective, and never allowing herself to settle into a "less than" or undeserving mindset.

Mini Retreats and Self-Care to Nourish Mamas with Melissa Mueller-Douglas

You deserve to rebalance, nurture yourself, and find peace

Be Mentally Healthy Through Connection with Michelle Falcone and Rnold Smith

How intentional connection to others creates better mental health and happiness

Get Honest Revive and Reclaim Your Sex Life

Find your voice and own your sexual pleasure

Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones to Move Forward with Misty Thompson

How To Help The Healing Process By Looking At Grief & Loss From A Different Perspective

Karma's Lessons are Following Me

Deciding how to respond

Finding the Joy in Your Life with Joy Resor

Tap into your imagination to create a better reality

Recovering from a Crash and Burn as a High Achiever

How Trivinia Barber Revived Herself, Shifted Gears, and is Learning to Thrive with Boundaries

Living Your Truth of Your Authentic Self

Moving Beyond Toxic Circumstances to find Happiness

How to Manage Boundaries with Family and In-laws

Learn how to navigate boundaries and honesty when there's a lot on the line

Emotional Disruption and "Upgrading" During Lunar Events

How the Wolf and Super Blood Moon effect our state of being

How to Create the Life You Want with Bernadette Doyle

How to Tune Into Your Intuition to Create the Life You Want

Intro to the Solo Intuition Series

How to learn to listen to your intuition to improve your life

Part 2: How to Share Your Story to Heal with Brenda Adelman

Find courage to share your story and begin healing

Don't Want to Do Goals for 2019? Do This Instead!

How to get what you really want this year without creating goals

Part 1: How to Forgive the Impossible with Brenda Adelman

Part 1 of a 2 part series on forgiveness and storytelling to heal

How to Make Tough Decisions and Thrive with Emerald Green Forest

Tuning in and Making Decisions to Help You Thrive

How to Divorce a Narcissist - with Jason Levoy

How to identify that you're with a narcissist and what it's like dealing with these personality types in court.