May 22, 2021

What is a highly sensitive child? Ep 79

How can parents help their HSC kids cope with the world?

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What is a Highly Sensitive Child? How Parents can help - with Judy Giovangelo on The Audacious Life podcast

I interviewed Judy Giovangelo, energy worker, healer, artist, and founder of Ben Speaks, her non-profit raising awareness for highly sensitive kids who are at risk for self-harm and suicide.
Judy lost her son Ben to suicide when he was just 18. She and Ben made heroic progress over his 18 years and learned ways for him to cope with all the energy and emotions he absorbed like a sponge.
Her mission is to expand on that work, to be a buoy for families and siblings impacted by and managing a mental illness.
She works with kids to help them manage their energy and sensitivity to others, equips them with powerful tools to navigate life and relationships in a more grounded peaceful way.
Judy also works with parents who’ve experienced loss as a grief counselor.
After what we’ve been through this year, struggling to stay mentally healthy, I’m happy to share her wisdom and will do what I can to give this as much exposure as I can.
💛 Please follow Judy Ben Speaks for more information on programs and support for kids and families.

Love, Steph xoxo