Oct. 17, 2020

Karmic Debt and Instant Karma

Karmic Debt and Instant Karma

How is it that some people can get away with horrible things and there's no impact?

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Karmic Debt & Instant Karma

Karmic Debt and Instant Karma

With all that's swirling in the world around us, it's easy to wonder how people can get away with evil and horrible things and come out seemingly smelling like a rose. Or at the least retaining their position, their wealth, etc. with seemingly little impact.

If Karma exists, why is it that some get away with these things, yet you cut the line in the grocery store and instantly feel the impact of your actions?

I've been wondering about this too!

Today I share what I discovered while researching angel numbers and Karma.

Covered in this episode

- Karma
- Angel numbers
- Karmic debt
- Akashic records
- Instant Karma
- Your highest self
- Stepping away to ground before reacting
- Setting intentions
- Segment intending
- Pulling it all together to leverage instant Karma for your benefit

Some of this may be esoteric but keep an open mind and humor me while you consider some of these ideas. They can be incredibly helpful if you're stuck in a negative cycle of feeling like life is hopeless and nothing matters.

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