May 9, 2021

Mother's Day Memoir

Mother's Day Memoir

With Author Caroline Nadine Helsing

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Mother's Day Memoir with author Caroline Nadine Helsing

Mother's Day is a tricky time of the year. We take time time to reflect on our mother-daughter relationships. And it's also a time to celebrate the love of all mothers in the world. This year, Caroline Nadine Helsing can celebrate by knowing her book about her mom came to life. She captured the essence of her mom by writing a memoir, a beautiful tribute to her mother's unapologetic love for glamour and fabulousness in all things.

Many moms I know are deep in grief this time of year because they lost a child, a mother, a mother figure, an unborn child. There's so much attached to this holiday, so I wanted to share your thoughts along with my interview with Caroline.


I asked you to leave a message about motherhood, your mom, what you've learned as a mother, what your mom taught you, and anything you want to throw in about this past year and you did! Thank you!!


I have a handful of lovely mamas who contributed their thoughts, and I'm including them below. 


Also, the mic is open on both and - it's the little blue mic at the bottom right. If you want to share your thoughts, ideas, or anything you want the world to know about mom life, please do!


Caroline's Book on Amazon:

Unapologetic: Tales of the Original Party Crasher - One daughter's journey of retelling her mother's life through the clues left behind


Here's how you can find Caroline and follow the incredible images of her fabulously Unapologetic mama.


Social channels:

Instagram -  Caroline_Nadine_Helsing_Author 

Facebook - Caroline Nadine Helsing, Author

YouTube - Caroline Nadine Helsing Author 


Caroline Nadine Helsing's website


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I hope you had an Amazing day Mama!!

Lots of Love to you!


Love Steph xoxo

Love, Steph xoxo