Dec. 17, 2021

Post Separation Abuse & Family Courts

Post Separation Abuse & Family Courts

Lundy Bancroft update and One Mom's Battle Mission to Identify Post Separation Abuse within the Family court system

Post Separation Abuse & Family Courts


A quick update about the upcoming Lundy Bancroft interview and an ask to share your abuse quotes if you've left and you have examples of the abuse continuing in post-separation.

Tina Swithin of One Mom's Battle has a movement to send these words of the abuse to the family courts to show the abuse that continues after parents are separated and how this post separation abuse impacts children.

You can send your abuse quotes to

Follow Tina's movement for Children's rights on Instagram @CustodyPeace

--> Angelina Jolie has joined this effort!!

See One Mom's Battle website for more details about November's Family Court Awareness Month and the movement to shed light on Post-separation abuse.

Thank you for advocating for our children and keeping yours safe!

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Lundy Bancroft on Narcissists vs. Abusers

We're discussing his blog post and digging deep. 

Check out his post before you listen to the show.

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