Oct. 16, 2021

What is Reactive Abuse? Ep. 87

What is Reactive Abuse? Ep. 87

And why is it so dangerous for victims?

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What is Reactive Abuse?

Gabby Petito did not have an anger problem. I believe what we saw on video was Reactive Abuse.

I share what Reactive Abuse is and why it can create more problems for the victim and help the abuser look innocent.

I've been creating response videos as podcasts to address what I've seen in comments and the media regarding the Gabby Petito case. Mainly based on people assuming she was off-kilter with mental health problems, whiney, or had anger issues. I believe she was suffering from mental health issues but that they were brought on by living with an abusive partner. And what people witnessed as well what she described in the video was reactive abuse. I believe she was exhausted. She was lashing out pushed to the limit by her boyfriend, Brian--now on the run following her murder.

If you or a friend is in one of these relationships and seeking help or more information on how to handle it please call or visit the Domestic Violence hotline for anonymous support via phone/text or online.

1-800-thehotline or thehotline.org

Watch the video series on YouTube

What is Reactive Abuse?

Love, Steph xoxo