New listener

I’m so happy to have found this podcast. If you are out of a long term relationship with a narcissist, you will appreciate this information. Many knowledgeable guests are interviewed. I’m happy I found this! Yay!


This is a great show highlighting individuals on how they were able to break free from struggle to create extraordinary lives. Stephani pulls the best from her guests. Click the subscribe. You won’t regret it.

Changing from Dark to Light!

Stephanie's mission to help women who have been abused to break out and find a financial pathway to make our freedome possible it Audicious! Her supportive words strengthen me and others to keep going! Step out of the darkness and into the light!

What a comfort and treat

Steph's warm heart and wisdom shine through in her interviews. I could listen to her all day. And her guests offer valuable insights for women, from all different perspectives.

Help for People in Abusive Relationships

If you are in a an abusive relationship this is great resource. I listen to every single podcast; it is full of great resources and guidance. I only wish there were more podcasts!

The Audacious Life

Thank you so much for these podcasts. They are comfort to my ears. There are no support groups where I live and being able to listen to others talk about the topic of verbal abuse, which is my case, makes me feel less alone and gives me strength.


The power of woman. Your show have said it all. Listened to Steph regarding standing on your own feet is one of the greatest podcast episode I’ve ever listened. Well done! - Podcast Professor Jaime

Life changer

Crucial show. So many people need to hear this!

This is serious subject and as a man

This is serious subject and as a man it was semi difficult to listen to however its a general human rights issue that everybody should be interested in! If you want to learn more about this important subject this is the show for you. I highly recommend it!

Love Stephani

I just love listening to Stephani. She's so warm sounding, she could read the phone book and it would be interesting. That being said, her content is awesome and empowering as well. Can't wait to check out the next episode.


Love podcast that provide insightful ideas that are easy to implement! Keep it up!

Director ZingZongZoo Management

Highly recommended dynamic range of interviews. An educational, informative and generous substitute for church, therapy, self-help books. Can’t wait to see the evolution of this podcast series!!

Honest, Inspirational, and Brilliant - A Must Listen!

Thank you, Stephanie, for creating this wonderful podcast series. Your calm, soothing voice and inquisitive mind make these interviews a must-listen! As a survivor of domestic violence, I have found each interview to be a realistic look inside the homes and lives of women who live in fear of their partner. Thank you for helping to expose this awful truth. I hope your work helps others understand and take action. I look forward to each interview and cannot wait to hear who you speak with next.

Education is Key To Changing Cycles

I absolutely love what Stephani has put together here. She is bringing women together to battle some tough topics, and quite honestly, issues that need to be addressed publicly. Education is the key to changing cycles in our lives. Thank you Stephani for all you are doing!

A life of Freedom...audaciousness ! this..great start and wonderful, heartfelt words and emotions from your guests...lets empower women in a strong, confident and compassionate way. Keep the momentum !

Redefining the conversation

The conversations that we have and hold within are not necessarily the conversations that “really” take place in “real life”. While this podcast is intended for women, I believe that men can stand to benefit greatly by being present and listening to what Stephani and her guests have to share. For some of us (men), the conversation will be uncomfortable or perhaps you will feel that the roles are being flipped. This is the first step in changing the dynamic of the most important conversation that needs to start today. How can I be a better man and care for that which is most important? Family.

Eye-opening insight into emotional and verbal abuse!

This podcast is a must-have resource for any woman who's questioning whether she's experiencing emotional and/or verbal abuse in her relationship. It will also prompt you to look among your own circle of loved ones and realize that even if you aren't suffering from an abusive relationship, you may very well know someone who is! Stephani's guests include both abuse experts and survivors who share their stories, the warning signs and how to successfully move beyond such toxic relationships. Truly inspiring to hear these words of wisdom, especially from a host who is so invested in breaking this perpetual cycle of abuse.

So needed

Bravo, Steph…your podcast is a wonderful resource for so many women!

An important and enlightening show!

Wow, this is a show that is so important and exciting to help women (and men) break free and into a life that honors and encourages who they are. This show is just the beginning of helping SO many!

Episode 2

I have listened to all 3 episodes and this podcast is a winner! There is so much emotion in listening to the stories of womens strength and survival. I am amazed at the lengths that some have to go through to break the cycle and that they do it for themselves and for their children. My husband was listening with me and he commented on what a great show this is and said that a lot of people are going to be empowered to make difficult changes in their lives when they hear stories of others who have come before them and got out of horrible relationships. Great job Stephani Roberts

Riveting. Brilliant!

Stephani shares much needed information for women who are in desperate and toxic relationships. She's an incredibly brave soul who has stepped above her excruciating experience, and wants to share a message of hope for those women in a living hell. Bravo Stephani for your tremendous courage! Your bright light will no doubt help countless women around the world break free. Most highly recommended podcast!

Courageous and Wonderful

I found this podcast to be enlightening. I have women in my life who I know are experiencing verbal abuse but I never had an understanding of it like I do now. Stephanie is a wonderful host and her guests have HUGE value to offer. You're going to want to check this out.

Wow! What a great start!!!

I Just listened to the first one and think this has such potential and such a needing audience. While I'm not your target, I am so supportive of your purpose here.

A Real Life Saver and Changer!

A heart-to-heart podcast for women in or from emotionally abusive relationships looking to break free and enjoy a truly audacious life! Stephani Roberts hosts this uplifting show with leading experts in the field providing insightful ways and inspiring stories that lead the way to your freedom and happiness moving forward. You'll love The Audacious Life podcast!