May 4, 2021

Self Care and Connection to Self to Heal From Trauma - Ep 77

Self Care and Connection to Self to Heal From Trauma - Ep 77

Paying attention to urge and following inner prompts to joy

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AL - Self care and connection to self to heal from trauma

We, as women, are a little too good at putting ourselves last. We come to this naturally through family and societal, patriarchal influence.

But we can shift out of it. And we need to!!

Now more so than ever, we're called to pay attention to the inner promptings to save ourselves from burnout, bitterness, severe mental health, and physical issues such as adrenal fatigue, auto-immune, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Taking time to connect to ourselves and our deepest desires, yearnings, needs is essential.

I know, I know, HOW am I going to do that? You're asking.

Start small. The littlest moments add up, and it will and can shift your perspective from dark hopelessness to lightness and a sense of hope.

Give yourself the respect to honor these God-given desires.

Whatever you need is fuel for the soul and quite literally THE thing that can get you through all tough times.

We've faced a collective trauma over this last year, and the impact is being felt profoundly. These intense feelings weigh many of us down, and it's confusing as it's happening as things appear to be opening up. Why are we feeling so dark?

Maybe it's a thirst for MORE.

MORE time for you. MORE peace. MORE space. MORE beauty.

MORE time to sort through what lights you up and makes you feel joy and enthusiasm for life.

Mother's Day is coming up, and we, as mothers and caregivers we have had to bear the weight of a nation. We carried the work of home, school, work work, and it was expected often without being acknowledged just how critical this role was and is.

Give yourself a MASSIVE pat on the back for surviving.

Give yourself a HUG for getting through so much chaos and non-stop upheaval.

Give yourself some REST.

I had a 2017 crash and burn. I revisited that time with fresh eyes and shared here what I learned about self-care, time alone, breaking away to get a change of scenery, and shift my energy.

I'm so proud of all the women I know who've been through hell and back and are still standing. That's you, sister!!

You are in my thoughts and prayers for a significant turnaround and blessings to be showered upon you. :-)

All my Love,

Love, Steph xoxo



Love, Steph xoxo