Protection from Holiday Hijackals with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

How to handle people who hijack your energy and rob you of some of the best moments of your life

Single Mom Series Part 2 - How to do Divorce Right

Insights on Divorce from Divorce Coach Jennifer Hurvitz

11-11-11 Angel Numbers and Manifestation

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Make it rain money with April Lewis

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Things Change No Matter How Dark

Focus on optimistic positive outcomes in spite of what seems present

Reconstruct A Better You

Through Self-care, Mindfulness, and Connection

Welcome to Season 2 of The Audacious Life

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Happy Mother's Day Wish to All!!

Happy Mother's Day Wish to All!!

Darkness to Light: One Woman's Story of Defeating Abuse and Living Life with Zest Again. Jane Fredrickson

Jane Fredrickson, single mom looking for a new relationship, thought she found her prince charming on an online dating site. In time he turned into Prince Harming and it took friends and family and a final wake up call for Jane to see things for what...

Divorce Through Mediation - Eliminating the Battle, Finding Peace with Amy Martell

Amy is trained as a collaborative attorney and mediator, and is deeply committed to helping clients resolve their family law disputes mindfully, creatively and with minimal court involvement. Here Amy shares why you may want to consider mediation over...

Dr. Jennifer Fee on Healing from Trauma and Anxiety with EMDR

Dr. Jennifer Fee discusses the powerful method of healing from trauma and anxiety with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). She explains how it helped her recover, why it works, what it's based on, why it's longer lasting than other metho

Kala Spigarelli on Dating Safely On and Offline

Kala Spigarelli explains what motivated her to create the Undolus website along with her sister. Being a single woman in today’s society can be a lot of fun! But, it comes with a lot of risk. Bad seeds, men who are looking to take advantage of others an

Lindsey Ellison on Healing and Thriving After Emotional Abuse

Lindsey Ellison: Shares her story of evolving in a young marriage. Tuning into her sense that things were not okay and yearning for a more loving and fulfilling life. She's achieved that and more, creating a life by design where she helps others learn fro