June 26, 2020

Done with “positive thinking?” Try neutral thinking to thrive

Done with “positive thinking?” Try neutral thinking to thrive

Adopting Trevor Moawad's neutral thinking to shift your life

Audacious Ideas book review of Using Neutral Thinking to Thrive. Form Mental Conditioning expert Trevor Moawads audible book,

All of us have been through so much these last few months with quarantine life, protests, racial inequality, and all the powerful feelings behind centuries of injustice coming to the fore. Some of us can urge you to "be positive" or "adopt a positive mindset" but I know it's not that simple. 


When things have been truly challenging in my life those phrases have felt feel empty or even triggering more self-criticism. 


Maybe you've had some of the following thoughts.


"Why can't I just be positive?"


"How come my mind always goes back to all the possible the negative outcomes??"


"I've been saying these positive affirmations for weeks but I just don't believe them!!"


"I suck at this. Eff those spirit junkies, they can choke on their positivity!!"


I get it.


And I know many of you are in that space where it feels dark, borderline hopeless, and all this positive talk is like putting lipstick on a pig.


So, with that in mind, I'm sharing the concept of Neutral Thinking. 


In this episode, I share what it means and a bit about Trevor Moawad, Mental Conditioning expert, and top coach to pro elite athletes. In 2017 Trevor was named the “Sports World's Best Brain Trainer” by Sports Illustrated. 


This guy knows what he's talking about. He's done the research, the experimentation, and has solid examples of why this works.


I recently read Trevor's new book "It Takes What It Takes" and I'm reviewing his book along with two amazing interviews you'll appreciate from the Ed Mylett Show and Impact Theory - both on YouTube.




#1- NEGATIVE thoughts are 4-7Xs more powerful than positive thoughts.


#2- NEGATIVE thoughts SPOKEN are 40-70Xs more powerful and more likely to come to fruition.


#3- Simply AVOIDING voicing or speaking negatively can do you a world of good even if you're not speaking positively. 


Let me restate that last one.


Simply AVOIDING voicing or speaking negatively can do you a world of good even if you're NOT speaking positively. 


Mic drop.


This is a short episode. So you'll consider this without me droning on and maybe you'll be inspired to adopt this strategy or get his book to learn more.


Either way, I hope you find something helpful here. This concept has truly helped me stay out of the mental muck.





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Interviews mentioned in this episode

The Ed Mylett Show - How to STOP Negative Thoughts & Win! | with Trevor Moawad

Mindset Expert Shows You How to Control Your Negative Thoughts | Trevor Moawad on Impact Theory

Here's the clip representing a HUGE example of negative spoken words come to pass.

Bill Buckner’s 1986 World Series error - the ball rolls between his legs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18caPNisP2U


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