Sept. 29, 2019

Sharing Your Trauma Story to Heal

Sharing Your Trauma Story to Heal

Your Trauma is Your Dharma...but what does that mean

Sharing your trauma story to heal with Jonathan Masiulionis

In this episode, I interview Jonathan Masiulionis of Empowered Media. Jonathan is a Publicist for heart-centered children's book authors, spiritual authors, and change-makers. He has a heart for children and a deep mission that fuels him spiritually.

Listen as Jonathan encourages all of us to share our stories to heal ourselves and others. Maybe you've been through a lot and have learned a ton in the spin cycle of life, and now you're considering sharing your story to help others to get through life's difficulties. But you're not sure it makes sense to share or you're scared and don't know where to begin. 

Check out this episode for encouragement and clarity!

Your story MATTERS. People can heal from hearing what YOU have to offer. So think about about it and tune in to hear more.


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