Aug. 29, 2020

The shock and impact of a truck driving into me

The shock and impact of a truck driving into me

My wake up call after I got hit by a truck while riding my bike

The shock and impact of an SUV driving into me

A few weeks ago, I was struck by an SUV while cycling. Ouch! After 33 years of riding my bike on the road, this was my first accident. But...I'm Alive. What happened that day was a wake-up call and an epiphany.


Apart from being lucky for having survived that scary as hell situation, I thought I'd share my thoughts about how it impacted me on a visceral level. It made me rethink the past year and where I am on my growth journey. And the epiphany I had made me think of you and want to share my thoughts with you as you consider your growth and healing.


I hope there's a nugget or two here to consider in terms of triggers, boundaries, and not allowing anyone to chip away at your self-esteem routinely regardless of their position.


As mentioned in this episode, I'm putting together an online community and would love your feedback. If you have a moment to weigh in on the survey, please do! I appreciate your insights.


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Thank you for listening. Please share if you think there's something here that will benefit someone you care about.


Lots of Love to you!



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