June 18, 2020

Why Narcissists don't need our help

Why Narcissists don't need our help

Why I don't talk about Narcissists anymore

Why Narcissists don't need our help

I started out this podcast all about Narcissists. So why the heck don't I talk about them anymore?

I explain why YOU are far more important to focus on than any narcissist in your life and encourage you to do a bunch of things that will help you.

  1. Feel more confident
  2. Love yourself even on your worst day
  3. Make a practice of living in gratitude
  4. Create solid boundaries to keep the wolf out and allow legit heart-centered people in
  5. Focus on your Audacious dreams to create an Audacious Life
  6. Most importantly. Give zero f*cks what anyone thinks of you

    What are you struggling with right now?

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Love, Steph xoxo