Episode 04 - Chance Thomas: Loving, Living with and Leaving a Sociopath

Chance Thomas discusses falling in love, living with, and eventually leaving her long term sociopath boyfriend. She discusses her upcoming book, her blog, and the short artistic videos she creates that are all about healing from the sociopath's abuse. Loo

Episode 03 - Bonus: Reflections on the first week of the Podcast

Stephani Roberts reflects on conversations and comments from listeners one week after the podcast went live.

Episode 02 - Renee Roberts Kopp on abuse within a Christian marriage

Renee Roberts Kopp discusses how she became aware that her 25 year marriage was one of abuse, how she dealt with it and learned to move forward and heal. Her mission is to help other abused women let go of their shame.

Episode 01 - Patricia Evans explains...What is Verbal Abuse?

Verbal abuse expert Patricia Evans explains what verbal abuse is, the dynamics of the verbally abusive relationship, why the abuser is treats his target the way he/she does and protective tactics for victims.

Episode 00 - Sneak Preview of the Audacious Life Podcast

Stephani Roberts introduces The Audacious Life podcast features snippets from interviews with author Patricia Evans and survivors of verbal and emotional abuse: Sarah, Renee Roberts Kopp, Angie Shyr, and Patti Cassidy