Feb. 7, 2019

Living Your Truth of Your Authentic Self

Living Your Truth of Your Authentic Self

Moving Beyond Toxic Circumstances to find Happiness


Cathy Anello is an Author of "Six Months to Live." She's a certified Intuitive Healer, Podcast Host, and single mom. Here she shares her story of evolution from being on auto-pilot emotionally and mentally to becoming a tuned in Intuitive Healer after leaving a toxic work environment and later a toxic emotionally abusive relationship (my words, not hers).

Listen as Cathy shares her crash and burn experience and how she came out of the darkness and clicked into a higher place of operating on a spiritual plane.

In this episode, she shares her perspective on

- her early years as a single parent on auto-pilot
- recovering from trauma at a long time work position
- identifying a toxic relationship and getting out
- how she tapped into her intuition and eventually became a spiritual intuitive
- her advice for people getting out of abusive and toxic relationships
- what inspired her to write her book "Six Months to Live"
- how to make the best of your life and be happy right now

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