Aug. 7, 2020

Radical Self-care for Empaths

Radical Self-care for Empaths

What to focus on to EXPAND your energy and ground yourself

Radical Self-care for Empaths

An empath is someone who's highly sensitive and picks up on the energy of others. Many say they can "feel others pain." It's not an exaggeration, and if this is you, you may not have heard the term before, but you'll know right away if it fits.

You may be the person who dreads parties and crowds because they can make you feel heavy, sick, and possibly like you're taking on other people's problems.

You like people, but you prefer the company of those you know well, and you can gauge and predict what your time spent with them.

With all of the above being true, you're also more susceptible to negatively respond to what's in the airwaves, the news, and your surroundings. You're a barometer of sorts and able to read a room, people's moods, etc. You detect these things on a visceral level and feel them deeply.

Sometimes you need to get away, find some solo time, a distraction to take you away from all those feelings of looming anxiety. Maybe you do yoga, write in your journal, go for a walk, spend time with pets, get lost in an art project, go for a long run or bike. Everyone is different.

This episode is about some basics that will allow you to stay grounded, help with the intensity of loved ones or children. Some of this may be new to you, some of it may sound familiar or even common sense. But as an empath who's struggled with anxiety and depression, early on in life I recall saying, "It's like I have magnets in my pockets for troubled people." And it took me until my 40's to truly understand how my wiring impacted my energy and outlook.

I hope there's something in this episode that's helpful to where you are at the moment. There's much more to this topic. We could expand exponentially.

The main thing is that YOU must take care of YOUR ENERGY and everything will begin to feel better for you. And that's what we want! :-) xoxo

Sending lots of Love and light to you!!


p.s. If this has been helpful please share with someone who needs this too. And feel free to reach out to me let me know what else has helped you. 


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Love, Steph xoxo