Jan. 2, 2019

Don't Want to Do Goals for 2019? Do This Instead!

Don't Want to Do Goals for 2019? Do This Instead!

How to get what you really want this year without creating goals

Don't want to do goals for 2019? Do this instead!

It's been a doozy of a year for many of us. And now we're supposed to dust ourselves off and create shiny new goals for 2019 right? Ugh.

Everywhere we look it's about goal planning for the year and I think it's enough to send many of us running for the couch hiding under a blanket or finding other ways to avoid and tune out.

If that's you or if you just want an alternate way to get what you want this year, check it out.

Here I share how I broke out the paper and wrote down what I wanted to feel and see in the year ahead for 2018 and even created a vision board. These were not goals, they were dreams and ideas of things I want to enter my life. 

Tune in to hear how that turned out for me and what I'm doing for 2019. Hint: it's mostly surprisingly GOOD. So definitely check it out and please share with friends or anyone you know who needs a little inspiration or is feeling stuck right now.

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