Jan. 26, 2019

Emotional Disruption and "Upgrading" During Lunar Events

Emotional Disruption and

How the Wolf and Super Blood Moon effect our state of being

 Emotional Disruption and Upgrading During Lunar Events - the Audacious Life Podcast with Stephani Roberts

The title for this podcast is out there, I know! But for a long time, I've been sensitive to the moon and lunar events but never gave it too much thought until the last few years. I joke with my daughters that I'm Luney Tunes - my spin on being tuned into the lunar changes.

I planned to have a regular episode but the way that this week unfolded with bizarre events and emotional upheaval among the friends I know, I felt called to share some of this for those of you experiencing deep emotional heaviness, headaches, exhaustion, sleeplessness, rashes, and questioning things on a level you may never have before.

The pattern I'm seeing in my friends and withing my spiritual circle is profound. I'm grateful that I have a way to explain what I'm feeling and what they're going through. One of my friends who's tuned in but not in this circle happened upon a youTube video that touched on this and helped her feel better about all of it.

I don't typically push my stuff on friends, I prefer them to find it on their own. We may discuss things at a surface level but I don't use language that might confuse them or make them skeptical and there's a lot of lingo that's sort of bizarre if you're new to it. I get that it can be offputting and alienating.

That said, I think it's worth sharing at a higher surface level an explanation of some of what you may be going through with the recent Wolf Moon and the upcoming Blood Moon as they truly do impact our physiology and our spirit.

So, here's late night, no frills, unedited episode with just me sharing some of what's transpired this week. Maybe you can relate. My hope is that this reaches you and offers a bit of reassurance if you've been feeling out of it or just plain off and can't pinpoint why.

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