Dec. 21, 2018

Part 1: How to Forgive the Impossible with Brenda Adelman

Part 1: How to Forgive the Impossible with Brenda Adelman

Part 1 of a 2 part series on forgiveness and storytelling to heal

How to Forgive the Impossible with Brenda Adelman

Brenda Adelman came by the title "The Queen of Forgiveness" under tragic circumstances. The father she adored killed her mother and then later...married her aunt. You read that right. Not only did her kill her mother but he married her sister.

I can't fathom it. The pain, sorrow, and confusion must have been immense. Yet somehow, after some time, Brenda was able to forgive her father and move forward.

She shares all that she went through to be able to accept what happened and honestly feel forgiveness in her heart. If you're feeling heavy and dragged down from someone who wronged you, please listen to this episode.

This podcast is part 1 of a 2 part series. Stay tuned for part 2 to learn how to tell your story to heal and to help others.

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