Jan. 28, 2019

How to Manage Boundaries with Family and In-laws

How to Manage Boundaries with Family and In-laws

Learn how to navigate boundaries and honesty when there's a lot on the line

How to Create Boundaries with In-laws and Family - with Tracy Gromen on The Audacious Life podcast

Tracy Gromen is a Self Mastery Coach and Healer. She's a happily married mom of 3 boys and in this episode, we were originally going to talk about addressing anxiety but as our conversation unfolded prior to recording it became clear that we needed to share what she had been through in her personal life with her family and in-laws.

Tracy shares how before the holidays she decided not to participate in the tension-filled fake smiling Christmas celebration with her in-laws. She has amazing energy and conviction about what she'll allow in her life and what she will not. It's taken her years to get here but she still had to take a scary leap into a confrontation.

She did the tough work that most of us only dream of doing. She found a way to assert herself with love, honesty, and courage to ask her in-laws to consider working toward making their interaction more authentic and open-hearted and leave the gossip and manipulation behind.

In this episode, she shares her perspective

  • The family has hard conversations - they don't just sweep things under the carpet.
  • Standing in sovereignty - what does this mean to you?
  • How Tracy recovered from an exhausted burnout and relied on intuition to move forward in her personal life and business
  • Strengthening her partnership with her husband
  • How to make our way to a breakthrough and leave martydom behind through self-awareness
  • How she and her son got off her $400 medications for anxiety
  • How her husband supported her efforts to get well by taking care of herself, listening to her intuitive voice.
  • How she forgave people and circumstances in her life that held massive amounts of abuse.
  • Learning to say, "No." as Captain Dependable.
  • Getting to a place to feeling safe and stopping outside validation.
  • Admitting she took abuse from her childhood and it became overprotective helicopter parenting.
  • Looking back at her past and learning how not to repeat it.
  • Raising kids who set boundaries, have empathy, and are tuned in.
  • EFT for "on the fly emotional release" ...instead of chocolate. :-)


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