Why Podcast Guesting is So Powerful for Mom's Businesses

As a host of two podcasts, if I could take my advice, I would do it all over again and spend a lot of time hitting the podcast circuit and being really targeted about the type of podcasts I would be on as a guest. And that's what this is about, why we can gain so much, especially as women, and save so much time and get our time back and get way more bang for our buck being on podcasts as a guest. Podcast guesting is powerful!

In this video, I'm going to share with you why podcast guesting is such a powerful marketing strategy for mom's businesses.

Podcast guesting is a great way to generate new leads, connect with potential clients and increase your exposure. By guesting on other mom's podcasts, you'll learn about your industry and build relationships with other entrepreneurs. Plus, guesting on other podcasts will help you build your own brand and visibility.

Learn more about the benefits of podcast guesting in this video and see how it can help your business!

I see women (and myself!), spinning our wheels, wasting energy on things that don't render the kind of results we could get if we did take the time to get everything set up and become guests and step into their power, step into your authority, really, and gain more authority online very quickly.

The course I'm creating for us to follow has all the steps to create an easy pitch and get the things you need in place to hit the ground running quickly and expand our audience, our online authority, and findability via SEO (google search results), so we can begin to be known widely for the things we excel at and reach our key audience.

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Give yourself a leg up for 2023 to get your time back!

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