The Power of Surrender

This clip from an oracle card reading episode is a beautiful reminder for how to surrender to flow instead of pushing ahead in your business or when things get tough in life and your energy is already depleted. Seems there's always a positive shift in results when we develop our spiritual side and trust our intuition and move in a direction that feels less pushy and more like flow.

As a solo mom and entrepreneur, I have these crazy days and weeks where nothing is working, and my mind feels like it's spinning. One of my favorite ways to help myself calm down and relax when this happens, which you might not know about. I'll whip out an Oracle card deck because those always seem to give me the guidance and specific message I need at the moment. Cool! A nudge to stop the madness and surrender to the flow.

If you haven't used them, Oracle cards are a free-form way to get spiritual guidance or your daily message. I love working with an Oracle Card Deck by Alana Fairchild called Sacred Rebels. It's one of my favorites because it has such beautiful artwork on every card and excellent descriptions, making them easy to understand for anyone at any level.


Alana Fairchild card deck link

Learn more about Alana's gifts and the products she has available

Here's a fun and inspiring interview with Alana from one of my favorite spiritual intuitives, Lee Harris. Check it out!

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