Navigating Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals Strategically to Build Your Business

How can we strategically navigate Black Friday Cyber Monday deals to build our business and get the most bang for our buck? We all want more efficiency, more income, more time back, and less stress. If you're a busy mom, parent, or entrepreneurial woman looking to shave some time off your work and avoid shiny object impulse purchases, stay tuned.

Here's my hit list for content creators, coaches, authors, influencers, and product owners who need content to promote their services and personal brand.

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All products listed in this video are below. - for simple web based video editing/animation with awesome stock B-roll -

AppSumo - for lifetime purchases at a low price -

Canva - for graphics, animation, print, and more -

Loom - for easy browser-based screen recording to the cloud -

Camtasia - for simple desktop screen recording, video, and audio editing -

Headliner - for audiograms with movement, captions, images, video

Audiogram - for template-based audiograms with movement and a call to action end screen.

Ring light - with color temperature -

Desk lamp - with 360-degree arm and color temperature -

Movo lavalier mic - external mic for iPhone cell phone -

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