If you’re looking for ways to manage triggers, watch this

I wanted to have an expert to help us all manage triggers related to past trauma before my next episode with Stephanie Pianades. We discuss an important case for parents related to custody and having the abuser flip the script aka DARVO -- Deny, Attack, Reverse, Victim & Offender. I know it will be triggering. As a parent of young daughters, I had a tough time making it through the interview and I'd like you to be prepared.

Stacy Every is a certified EFT practitioner and coach who has experience treating abuse and trauma. She gets it. In this episode, she gives us numerous quick tips and tools to follow up on and explore more deeply to help with trauma, triggers, and finding ways to get grounded and rebalance back into our bodies.

Stacy demonstrates tapping (EFT) using the meridians of our body. She also explains IFT (Integrated Family Therapy), EMDR, and how to find an appropriate therapy for your specific trauma.

NOTE: If anything I post or share is triggering to you, please step away. Follow Stacy's ideas for getting grounded and decide whether you should avoid it altogether or come back later when you feel well, grounded, and strong.

I care about you and totally appreciate you being here, but also only want what's 100% right for you. xoxo

Learn more about Stacy - https://stacyevery.com

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Learn more at http://TheAudaciousLife.com
00:00 Introduction
01:51 Stacy Every - EFT practitioner
02:06 Our bodies and trauma
02:20 Childhood experiences
03:10 Early safety and belonging
03:45 Fight, flight, or freeze
04:30 Adult triggers & physical responses
05:38 Avoiding triggers
06:54 Lots of different types of trauma
09:23 Reabuse in the court system
11:22 What can we do when we're triggered?
12:17 Think carefully about what you read or view
13:13 If you can't go outside
17:53 Gratitude list - what everyone should do
20:45 Wearing a groove in our brain - programming
22:37 How to Tap - EFT DEMO
34:15 How frequently should we tap?
36:13 What is EMDR?
37:34 What is IFS? (family systems)
40:39 How to find the right therapist
50:13 How to contact Stacy