From Homeless to Millionaire - Mom entrepreneur Kristy Carruthers of SheCorporated shares her story

Kristy Carruthers was successful in her business after her second child was born it wasn't long before she found herself homeless with an infant and 5-year-old. She was determined to turn her life around for herself and her children and she did! She shares her inspiring story of overcoming her circumstances, creating a vision, and making it come to life.

With multiple successful businesses under her belt, Kristy launched SheCorporated to empower women to create, launch, and scale the business and life of their dreams.

In this episode, she shares the patterns she sees and how SheCorporated is designed to help women overcome the common pitfalls and challenges we face when starting a business.

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For 25 years, I've been an online entrepreneur, digital adviser, trainer, and consultant. I shaped the online presence of two successful start-ups. At MIT, I worked to create Web accessibility solutions across the campus for over a decade. I enjoyed a long stint working for public television, creating early online games, websites, and one BAFTA award-winning site.

I've produced, hosted, and launched two ground-breaking podcasts for women inspired by my search for answers and support in my life. The Audacious Life is for women exiting and healing from toxic and emotionally abusive relationships. Audacious Mamas is for entrepreneurial moms who want to grow, scale, simplify, and find harmony between business and family life.

My mission is to empower women to tap into their deep knowledge and focus on simple practices, mindset shifts, and tools to leapfrog them forward. Shiny object syndrome, self-doubt, fear of tech, and endless online learning without action result in paralysis and self-sabotage. You are "ready enough" to get your business, idea, service, course, side hustle, or project going. The poster I had in my bedroom in the '80s read, "If you can conceive it, you can achieve it." Yes! That vision we hold is there for a reason!!


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