Dec. 4, 2018

Turning Tests Into Triumph with April Giauque

Turning Tests Into Triumph with April Giauque

Finding Pinpoints of Light

Turning Tests into Triumph with April Giauque


I recorded this episode just before Thanksgiving, and it was powerful. If you stay 'to the end you'll hear me cry. Yep, it's one of those episodes! April Giaque (pronounced "juke") is a beacon of light. A true survivor and thriver with an uncanny ability to find the silver linings and "pinpoints of light" in the darkness. Her interview is the perfect one to listen to if you're feeling down, tested beyond belief, left behind, lost, and just plain ungrateful or bitter.

Raised in the LDS church in Utah, she's an author, speaker, and life coach. April shares her experience as a young mother of five children and wife to a husband with multiple mental health challenges. From the chaos raising her first five children to the next chapter's turnaround story with a new husband and giving birth to four more children who each brought new lessons and challenges.

This is a story of turning multiple and seemingly endless tests into triumph. You'll hear her story firsthand but the highlights include, domestic abuse, mental illness, substance abuse, autism, hearing impairment, divorce, career development, finding new love, more babies, and her books to inspire you to be the light.

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