June 26, 2018

How to Regain Your Health and Thrive with Eva Vennari

How to Regain Your Health and Thrive with Eva Vennari

Unraveling health issues related to chronic stress and toxic fear

Eva Vennari is the rare person blessed to escape her abuser earlier in life and then determined to make a go of it. If you're searching for inspiration related to breaking free of a toxic or abusive relationship or you're struggling with chronic undiagnosable illness, stay tuned!

Eva shares her story of unraveling her illness as her relationship did the same. Listen to the tough decisions she made and how her determination led her to a life of freedom from illness and eventually an end to all unhealthy relationships.

Her early experience with health issues created a path toward helping others figure out difficult health issues and reclaim wellness. I'm confident that's why she found her way to this show.

In this episode....

The Elevate Institute

Eva's FREE gift examining how we may be covering up health issues with beauty treatments

Finger Yoga

Love, Steph xoxo